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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Highlights from Readercon 26

Originally, when I said I was going to Readercon 26, a convention for sci-fi and fantasy writers (or those interested but not yet writers) (and probably people who are just readers too, idk), I bragged that I would blog extensively every night and share my epic stories and what I learned, etc. etc. 

As it turns out, writers conventions are relatively rigorous and require intellectual stamina of which I have very little to spare for things other than how to properly write aliens and how to survive in the Spec fic mag market. 

So, quick overview, I'm on day three of panels, I've attended nine in three days, I'll be going to three more today, and I have panels tomorrow.

My brain is sort of smoking from the amount of info I've been taking in, and I need to get some work done for an hour, but that's a very brief overview of what I've been going over -- more to come either later today or tomorrow.

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