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Friday, June 6, 2014

Warning: mental overload

I'm facing a problem as a writer and activist where there is so much to talk about that I'm not even sure what to focus on. In response, I'm going to write a "greatest hits" blog post on what I've been focusing on for the past month.

Veganism: The legalization of other species as persons has become a fascinating notion to me. A Nat Geo article was shared with my by my friend Blondie (mentioned in very past blog posts) about a woman who calls other species' persons and studies them, and through this I found the Non-human Rights Project which seeks to give animals rights to their bodies and lives.

Bergdahl: This media frenzy has sickened me, as all media frenzies do. Summarily, this soldier was a POW of the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years after he left his post, and what started as a joyous celebration of getting one of our own back (albeit by trading him for 5 top Taliban officials from Guantanamo[which was supposed to be closed by now because the treatment within Guantanamo is inhumane and against basic "American" principles of justice and fair trial{see Patriot Act}]) has turned into doubts about whether is life was WORTH (I repeat, WORTH) trading these men for. You don't want to get me started on placing value on life. The discussion will get ugly.

Net neutrality: My last post was on this. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) chairman Tom Wheeler, formerly of Comcast (can you say conflict of interest?) is considering allowing service providers such as Comcast and Verizon to fast track some websites loading speeds (like companies that pay them money to ensure they'll load for consumers, while they can slow down the loading speeds of other sites (like free web and communications activist sites such as my personal go-to, Free Press)

Reset the Net: Click this. Click this now. It's so freaking cool. It provides tips and software to prevent government and even private snooping. It's really neat. And important. And it's sponsored by a bunch of cool groups and blogs (all of these, actually): 

There's more stuff, but this post is gonna be too long if I keep rambling. So just think about it. About all of it. 

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