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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pondering Activism

Clearly this post isn't going to a heavy hitter.

I was just sitting here, reading through my plethora of emails about petitions for causes, when I started wondering how exactly I ended up being an activist, and why everyone else doesn't want to be one too.

I think that everyone could find at least one cause they would relate to on a deep level, and I think there's a lot out there to find interesting and to enrich life.

Decidedly, I want to map out the pros and cons of activism.


  • It takes up time. You can't be an activist through osmosis. You have to research and communicate and clarify, and you have to exert your opinion and personality.
  • It can be dangerous. If people don't like your opinion or it endangers their place in the power hierarchy, you can make some enemies. Check out Green is the New Red for details on that.
  • People may find you extreme: because activism is sometimes painted as being an extreme thing. Hell, caring and being knowledgeable about an issue and frequently discussing it can get you branded as extreme, without even getting involved. It's a matter of perception.

  • It makes you feel good. Caring about something and doing something about that emotion is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.
  • You're making the world a better place: how is the world going to get better if we don't take action to improve it?
  • You're helping other persons (including other species) who may be suffering: not everyone is allotted the power to stand up for themselves. I am fortunate in that it's unlikely anyone will harm me for running my mouth. It's fortunate I can run my mouth at all.
  • You make connections, both business and personal, which is great, because connections are great and are a basic for happiness.
  • You feel like you're a part of something greater than yourself: you're quite literally not alone. There is a community of people who care.

So, today, I'm advocating for activism. Find something you care about and share it with the world, because how else can we really achieve freedom and happiness if we exist in a system where we have no power?

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