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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summarizing the women's movement of 2014

So I realize that my choice to copy and paste my notes from last night's tele-town hall was a bit lazy, but rest assured, I plan to summarize the main points of what was discussed. I still recommend you skim through my notes for a more comprehensive view of what went down.

Essentially, women want to enact a Fair Pay Act that doesn't just give employees the right to challenge a discriminatory paycheck, but ensures that no one is discriminated against because of race or sex ever again.

Women also want to enact a National Paid Leave Act that would give employees paid time off to take care of their sick children and parents without having to forfeit vital paychecks.

Another item on the agenda, an item on most liberal, progressive agendas, is to increase the minimum wage. Two out of three minimum wage employees are women. 

Finally, paid maternity and paternity leave is on the agenda so that raising a family does not inhibit your ability and right to have a career.

I agree with all of these ideas, and I hope to keep track of their progress and see them enacted in the near future.

Bean' feminist. 


  1. Thanks for sending the link for the Town Hall. I had to sign off early due to practice but found it very interesting. I support all of these proposals as well. It hasn't been on my radar much lately, but I liked their paid national leave act proposal -- I took time off to help care for my father and felt so lucky to be able to do so, recognizing that most people may not have the financial resources to allow for that. We HAVE to do something about minimum wage - ridiculous that people (like my sister) could be working full-time and still be under the poverty line. And when folks say "oh, just get more training/education" I feel the need to point out that even if everyone in the country had a PhD we'd still want to drive thru the Dunkin's -- someone has to pour the coffee!

  2. Only half of the year has gone and the movement has already achieved much, even though with much hindrance and upheaval from some blocks. I do hope the NPL and other pro-women and pro-equality acts and movements achieve more in the months to come. Thanks for enumerating the achievements of the movement on your post. All the best!

    Christian Pearson @ League of Women Voters