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Monday, February 17, 2014

Defending Millennials

Firstly, blogger is being weird and messing up my formatting. I'm working on this.

Secondly, I got a little defensive in response to someone's commentary that the millennial generation is lazy and not interested in reform and politics. Below is my rant:

Being of the millennial generation that is so frequently criticized, I can promise you there is a large body of people my age (I just turned 18) who are interested in politics, voting and the future. 

There was frequently passionate and heated debate at my school about political and ethical issues, so I think it is unfair to state that my generation is any worse than other generations when it comes to political participation. I have a political blog, I keep up with current events, I participated in a tele-town hall phone call lead by Leader Nancy Pelosi and other liberal women in politics, I've been to an anti-war demonstration, and I care greatly for the future. 

That being said, I have two theories as to why political participation in the United States could be declining. One of my theories is humor complacency: I feel as though political satire, a commodity great in small doses, increases cynicism, and I feel people can get sucked into laughing at others' points of view and simply criticizing without taking action themselves. I've written an entire post on my blog about this called, "Critiquing Colbert."

My other theory is a more widely shared one: apathetic complacency. People often don't trust the government, and therefore they feel that even if they were to vote and participate, their voice would not be heard. However, if you don't participate because you have a defeatist and apathetic attitude, your voice will definitely not be heard.

Take it or leave it, these are my views and observation thus far.

End rant. I don't think it's just the younger generation who is apathetic. I think we can all be apathetic sometimes. It's easy to become discouraged. That being said, awareness of apathy is the first step towards crushing it.

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