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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adventure Time! Public Transportation Edition.

So sometimes I ride the bus in my town to get to other towns. Because that’s what buses do. Today, I had a bit of an adventure on my bus ride.

I was sitting in my seat, minding my own business, and I had just started The Road by Cormac McCarthy (I’m already sucked in, by the way). We pulled up to the next stop, and a little girl and her mother, laden with bagged victuals, boarded the bus and sat in the seats diagonal from me. I immediately knew I was in trouble. This cute little kid, who’s probably about eight years old, is just staring me down. So, I smile at her. She smiles back.

Her mother quite obviously didn't want her kid talking to random strangers on the bus (because, well, you know, it’s a bus), and so the kid starts pointing and my book and mouthing words to me. I have no idea what she’s saying, and I’m a complete pushover, so I hand her The Road.

Now, I just started this book, and it’s a pretty dark read, so in my head I’m thinking for the love of all that is holy, please tell me this kid won’t find any cuss words in this book.

To my relief, she flips through the book once and then hands it back to me. We ended up discussing James Patterson (sort of). It was pretty awesome.

Next, she wanted to see my phone. Once again, I’m a pushover, so I handed her the phone. I figured she wouldn't be able to turn in on. Usually, when I hand my cell to someone my age or older, they can’t even get the home screen. I thought I’d let her give it a try, and when she failed, I’d be able to pass it off as “oops, looks like it’s broken.”

Lo and behold, she cracked that baby in five seconds flat. What even?

She’s looking for the internet, she’s looking for games, she’s trying to use it like a smartphone; this kid was more advanced than the technology I carry around daily in my pocket!

Sure as hell not bringing out the e Reader  I thought to myself. I’ll never get off the bus!

So, we played twenty questions on my notepad, we took a video and tried to send it to Blondie, and me and this eight year-old became bffls faster than I even learn the name of most adults I’m introduced to.

Public transportation. Who knew?

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