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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Promptly get out of my face.

That's how many employees handling temperamental customers feel when they work in the food service industry.

This particular entry is a commentary on the dehumanization of employees in the work place by those the employees are providing for.

We've all seen instances of employee abuse before: a customer does not receive something in the way they imagined they would be receiving it and then dramatically and unnecessarily flips out on the individual who is just trying to do their job.

Now, I would be misrepresenting the workforce if I said that all employees are gems, but most of us really are just trying our best.

Many mistakes customers face arise from incidents outside of the control of the employee making the mistake. There can be an error in some other part of the restaurant or facility, there could have been an instance of miscommunication between the customer and employee, or perhaps just a small slip of the mind that does not happen very frequently has damaged the condition or timeliness of the the order.

Please, irritable customers, just be grateful that you are the consumer and not the employee. Don't forget that the people you are shouting at go home to the end of the day to families who would like to enjoy their company when their not dead tired and feeling defeated by endless customer harassment.

Even if it seems as though the employee deserves a good reaming, you have no idea what has been taking place in their lives, and they may be completely justified in being unable to provide whatever service you request of them to the best of their abilities.

Just remember: we don't power down at the end of the day and plug our batteries in for charging. We're human too.

Bean' tired of inconsideration.

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