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Monday, November 25, 2013

I guess I'll start with an emotional appeal.

Let’s start the discussion of ethical Veganism. The term I want to introduce first is Speciesism. Speciesism is the idea that some forms of life on Earth are more valuable and therefore better than others. Humans, of course, are the guiltiest of this.

We mass produce animals for slaughter, train them in circuses for our amusement, and skin them for car interior and fashionable shoes. We put them in light-less holdings, crammed with no room for comfort for the purpose of obtaining eggs. We artificial inseminate them, separate them from their young, and squeeze an organs meant only to be touched by their young for milk to dip our Oreos in and eat off a cone on a hot summer day.

I was guilty of the same thing for seventeen years. I still am, in some ways. My car has leather interior; some of the foods I eat were probably produced by the use of animal labor. Hell, my clothes and electronics were most likely produced by humans paid on unfair wages and in harsh and dangerous work conditions.

Yet we all choose to forget these facts. Why?

It’s because these facts are both disturbing and inconvenient.

Also, because these products are so predominant in our culture, it can be more than inconvenient to avoid them, especially if you’re on a low income salary and need to focus more time on feeding your kids and taking care of the bills than worrying about the contents and process of every item you pick off the shelf. I’m fortunate enough to have an easier time being Vegan. Some are not.

Some Vegans do like to pretend Veganism in easy. It’s not. It costs more money because most products are produced cheaply with animal products, including most soap and other household items that one would not assume had animal parts in it.

It’s also hard to undo years and years of animal product consumption. It takes a firm resolve and a fair amount of feeling upset to make the switch.

Education is always the first step to change.

Reading an eighteen-year-old’s blog does not count as education. However, I’m hoping this blog may stir you to do some more research besides the little clips and references I can offer from my limited view.

I have to get started on stats, but expect some actual references and solid ideology, starting in the roots of philosophy, next post. For now, hold onto the idea of Speciesism. That’s where I’ll be picking up in maybe a few days. Hopefully, that translates to tomorrow.

Bean’ out.

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