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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The ethics of Veganism: introduction and disclaimer

I have been weary for a while as to how exactly I was going to approach the topic of ethical Veganism. Thus far, I have only spoken of the health benefits.

Readers, I think it is time to cross that bridge into the dark truth about consuming something with nerve endings.

So, I'll post a warning now. If you're an omnivore or a vegetarian, my blog for the next month will likely frustrate you and evoke a negative emotional response. 

Because I am about to say why I think I am right to not consume animals or their products. 

This will be a series in which I draw from many sources, and post a few different entries approaching the different angles of ethical Veganism. I encourage you to stick with me. I won't be revoltingly explicit or post upsetting pictures; I believe that approach to sharing opinions is counterproductive and frustrating for both sides of the debate.

I will, however, be very blatant and passionate. Keep in mind, I do not actually have any friends who are Vegan, and I support your rights and choices and do not judge people for deciding to consume animals; it's part of the current human culture. Keep in mind, however, that one of my life goals is to fight against this aspect of human culture and show everyone I know why using animals for food is wrong.

I was an omnivore for seventeen years of my life. I get it. My favorite foods were huevos rancheros and filet mignon. That's as opposite veganism as you can get.

With this information in mind, stand by. This will be my blog's focus for the next month. I hope you keep reading.

Bean' honest. 

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