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Monday, July 22, 2013

Life is like a commercial break.

Reality is tough, really tough. One moment you think you have a grasp on everything that’s going on around you, you believe that you understand how everything works and where everything is going, and the next minute you're flat on the ground with a roaring headache trying to figure out what just happened.

I’ve always loved shows and movies about heroes. I immerse myself in them, letting their bravery and steeliness and perfectly scripted humor build me back up and inspire me to move forward in whatever challenge I'm facing at the moment.

But sometimes these shows depress me. They depress me in those quiet moments when I’m sitting alone, completing some mundane necessity, and waiting for the next moment when I can move forward with some sort of action.

I think about how as much as I like to imagine it in the heightened moments I sometimes experience; life is nothing like a television or movie program.

I’m not constantly surrounded by the constant clamor of a witty cacophony, nor am I some brooding dark horse waiting for the chance to step into the light, nor do I have some great, life changing destiny.

I’m just alive. And that’s okay, even if most of life is more like the commercial break.

After all, the commercial break is what funds the show! Without the in-between, behind the scenes moments, the exciting stuff couldn't even happen. That’s when moments are made; during the hard work and monotony that formulates them.

Bean out.

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