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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Analyzing “The Protein Debate”

Protein. Calcium. Evolution. These are buzz words of nutrition. One needs protein for energy and muscle growth. One needs calcium for bone and cartilage strength. Evolution dictates diet. In a way, all of these statements are true. But they are oversimplified statements, and they need to be studied and expounded upon to produce any beneficial and reliable knowledge. For that purpose I will turn the spotlight over to Professors Cordain and Campbell.

These two men have very different approaches to nutrition. Professor Loren Cordain champions the “paleo diet”: a way of eating that promotes the study evolutionary biology in order to deduce the proper nutrition requirements from the history told in the chemistry of fossils. Campbell subscribes to the vegan approach: an all-natural, all-plant diet that he has been studying and advocating for well over two decades.

“The Protein Debate” is a compilation of their arguments and rebuttals to each other’s views on diet and nutrition.

This marks the beginning of my week long blog report on the two very different and well supported arguments concerning diet and the reasons as to why you should subscribe to the vegan approach.

Bean’ healthy. 

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